The Pudding Stop, St Albans

The Pudding Stop, St Albans

I made a trip to St Alban’s at the start of half-term, primarily to do some research for a Year 7 trip, but also to get out of the capital and try some doughnuts. After a useful wander around Verulamium Museum to snap photos of the Roman artefacts for my class, Sam and I popped into The Pudding Stop to try their doughnuts.

Everything they make is baked fresh upstairs and there’s space to sit and enjoy their fare.  If I wasn’t on my doughnut pilgrimage, I’d have a sticky toffee pudding with a glass of dessert wine. If you’re planning a party, you can buy a whole tart, cake or traybake for £20-30. If I were a local, I’d be ordering their Bakewell tart for every dinner party I held!

But onto the doughnuts…

We had two each: one Nutella and one ‘special’ (rhubarb and custard). Both were pretty special, in fact, with a soft, light dough and generous fillings. The Nutella one had extra nuts where the spread had been piped in and was a wonderful chocolate, nutty delight. The coffee shop on my station’s platform also offers a Nutella doughnut which I’m going to try at some point, but I don’t think it’ll be able to beat this one.

The ‘special’ was done really well, with the rhubarb natural and delicate, and the crème Anglaise creamy and smooth. I could have eaten another of these quite easily…

I’ll be going back for a second visit – I wonder what other ‘specials’ they do…

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