Jafaris Donuts, Gothenburg

Jafaris Donuts, Gothenburg

I recently spent a weekend in Gothenburg, right before the Beast from the East hit. It is a lovely city and am sure it is even more beautiful in the spring, but my husband and I decided we would brave the freezing temperatures for a few cold days at the end of February.

Once we arrived, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and went off to explore. One of the first places we passed was Jafaris (no apostrophe…), a little food shack on a street that didn’t look particularly interesting, but there was a queue of around 10-15 people outside it. They looked like a mix of tourists and locals, so we marked it as a place to visit when we didn’t have to stand still in -5 weather for more than five minutes.

We finally got a chance on our last day and each got a generous bag of churros. It was -8 degrees that day so churros fresh out of the fryer covered in cinnamon sugar were very welcome. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. One thing that was slightly strange was that they didn’t have as much flavour as I was expecting. As they were covered in so much cinnamon sugar, I expected to get a big hit of the spice but sadly not. They were still tasty and we ate them in probably five minutes flat as we walked along the river.

I had done some research before we went to the city and couldn’t find many options for doughnuts, so if you are visiting the city then pay a visit to Jafaris – morning is the best time to avoid a queue!


Address: 411 07 Gothenburg, Sweden

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