St John’s Bakery, Maltby Market

St John’s Bakery, Maltby Market

I love a food market. All those different cuisines lined up in a row:  a halloumi starter, a naan wrap and then obviously some sort of doughnut.  I’d read about the doughnuts of St John’s Bakery but was happily surprised to find an entrance to the restaurant in the Maltby Food Market. (I think I may have been meant to get my doughnut from the Druid St entrance but they were very friendly in the restaurant too!)  See here for a round-up of some other stalls to stop by. Also worth noting is that Agua Na Boca and his wonderful churros were here last weekend.

St John’s do much more than doughnuts – if I weren’t so single-minded in my pilgrimage and it hadn’t been 10 am, I’d try the wine too.

There were several different flavours – we chose blackberry jam and vanilla. Sam and split each equally (I think he really wanted the whole vanilla one though..). The dough was soft with a profuse sprinkling of sugar, and plenty of filling. The vanilla custard was silky smooth with a hint of orange – this was my favourite too. The blackberry was an interesting variation on raspberry/strawberry and the berries weren’t too sweet. I think it would have been good with a glass of Chenin Blanc…

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