Lindholmen Street Food Market, Gothenburg

Lindholmen Street Food Market, Gothenburg

On my recent trip to Gothenburg, there were limited doughnut options but we managed to stumble upon one by accident. I had looked up the Lindholmen Street Food Market before we left, but it was across the river and I wasn’t sure how easy it was going to be to get there so I forgot about it and didn’t look into it anymore. Turns out, we got lucky and managed to find it anyway!

We wandered over to the ferry terminal one morning just to see where we might end up, and happened to get tickets for a ferry arriving two minutes later. We walked on and it was just a short journey until we arrived at the other side. Not knowing where to go, we followed the crowd and I quickly realised where we were when we spotted a number of food trucks and started smelling the delicious food.

There was a brief queue (any queue in the -5 degrees temperature felt incredibly long) before we made it inside. We purchased coupons, that could be used to buy half portions at any of the different food points inside. The options included burgers, pizza, arancini and sticky rice with pork. For our mains, we chose some beef chilli and nachos along with some patatas bravas. The food was incredible and worth the wait as every area had a long line. Even once we got food, seating was limited but we partnered up with a Swedish couple on a table, who were very friendly and were delighted we were visiting Gothenburg.

For dessert, I spotted a small van that had a waffle maker on its workbench. Of course this got me interested and I sent off my husband to check it out. He came back a few minutes later with something better than waffles. It was a doughnut/bun of some sort that was heated in the waffle maker, had a smear of a nutty chocolate spread on each inside half and a raspberry and blackcurrant ice cream filling. It was DELICIOUS. I don’t think it was quite a normal doughnut, as the outside wasn’t crispy, but the inside had a very similar texture and flavour. However, I think it still qualifies for our blog and I am going to attempt to recreate it at some point.

If you are, or know anyone who is, going to Gothenburg then a trip to the Lindholmen Street Food Market is a must. You could easily stay there for a while as there is a bar too…

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