Soboro, Cambridge

Soboro, Cambridge

A while back I visited Cambridge with some friends and we stopped at Soboro after we had lunch, to get something sweet for dessert. Soboro is a Japanese and Korean bakery and half of the items available seemed to have matcha in. I didn’t spot a sweet doughnut, but my attention was caught by a ‘potato croquette doughnut‘. I was unsure of how it would work, but those are three of my favourite things so I thought together, I had to at least try it!

I waited until we were home as dessert followed by this potato croquette doughnut didn’t seem quite right… It didn’t really matter, as it didn’t work anyway. It was weird, very weird. It had quite a chewy texture and the flavour was just incredibly odd and left an unpleasant aftertaste. There is nothing I could think it is similar to in order to try and explain! Safe to say, I would not try it again. I really wanted to like it, but am afraid it was impossible!

While I would highly recommend avoiding the potato croquette doughnut, Soboro did have some other delicious items like a Mont Blanc tart, yuzu tart and lovely cookies. Definitely visit to try those!

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