Bread Ahead: Eton Mess Doughnuts

Bread Ahead: Eton Mess Doughnuts

I was in Borough Market on Wednesday. The conversation with Anna went like this:

S: Spending the day drawing in Borough Market today.

A: Drawing doughnuts?

S: That would be good. Nope – day 3 of drawing school.

Mum: Enjoy

A: Make sure you get doughnuts still…

I was there with Jeanette Barnes, tutor at The Royal Drawing School, on Day 3 of Week 2 of ‘The Drawing Marathon’. I’d done life-drawing on Day 1, portraits on Day 2 and was now sketching cityscapes, beginning with the delicious jumble of people and food that is Borough Market. I should have drawn the Bread Ahead stand with its chalk drawings and friendly servers, but instead drew the Shard, a cheese stand and a noodle stall. They were OK but not good enough to share here!

As for the doughnuts – I’d seen their Eton Mess doughnuts on their Instagram so I knew which one I’d go for.

On the outside a strawberry and meringue (pleasingly soft – often inferior versions can ‘explode’ into nothing-ness once you bite them), but also on the inside, amidst the copious vanilla cream filling, little pieces of strawberry too. Would little bits of meringue have been a good option too perhaps?

My ratings:

Dough: A* – light and tasty, not too sweet and not too ‘fried’.

Ratio of filling to dough: A* – a huge amount of creamy, delicious filling. Almost too much and I was still finding bits of sugar on my face hours later when sketching on the South Bank…

Appearance: A* – so pretty with the red strawberry and meringue at the aperture (my word for the emerging spot of filling….)

Filling: A – but this may be unfair. I would just have liked a little more meringue inside to justify its Eton Mess-ness.

Value: A – at £3, it is on the more expensive side for a doughnut, but it is my favourite of 2018 thus far….


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