Bill’s Cinnamon Doughnuts

Bill’s Cinnamon Doughnuts

Sam and I went to Bill’s in Soho before a trip to the Gielgud theatre to see the Robert Harris’ Cicero plays (very good, but the books are even better…). We needed somewhere reliable for good food at a reasonable price and with speedy service. Bill’s always delivers on this and the fact that they do some of the best restaurant doughnuts added to its appeal.

The cinnamon doughnuts with strawberries and chocolate dip have been my favourite item on the Bill’s menu for years (along with their halloumi burger). However, they’ve changed the sauces and the new salted caramel sauce takes the doughnuts to new levels.  It is absolutely delicious and combines well with the hot, cinnamon-covered dough. The chocolate sauce now seems a little lacking in comparison perhaps – it needs to be richer/darker/thicker to compete with the caramel. You get 5 doughnuts for £6.50 which is decent (Sam kindly let me have the fifth…). The waitress raved about the doughnuts too and I was still thinking about them when Julius Caesar took to the stage…


A*: Dough: soft and light

A*: Sauce/Filling: for the caramel sauce (B for the chocolate)

A: Appearance – these call for some pretty crockery though the strawberries do give a pop of colour.

A: Value. They’re small but £1.30 for each plus those sauces isn’t bad.

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