Baked churro doughnuts – recipe review

Baked churro doughnuts – recipe review


As mentioned previously, I live in a rural area so don’t have ready access to high-end doughnuts all the time (and can get a bit jealous of Sarah given how many she manages to seek out without even trying) so I thought I’d have a go at baking some. I can’t promise high-end, but I have to start somewhere and I found a recipe online that is definitely a good base to work from for future attempts.

The recipe for baked churro doughnuts came from the blog, Bigger Bolder Baking, and seemed perfect. I don’t particularly like frying due to the lingering smell of oil, and a churro style sounded delicious!

The ingredients are pretty standard and didn’t require me to buy anything I didn’t already have in the cupboard. There is a link to making a DIY doughnut tin but luckily my husband Dean bought me a mini one for my birthday so I used that. The method was also very simple – all the wet ingredients were mixed in one bowl and the dry in another. These were slowly combined until I had a lovely smooth batter that was very easy to pour.

I’ve actually made this recipe a couple of times now and while the first time I spooned it into the tin, it was definitely less messy piping! I used a disposable piping bag and snipped a small bit off the end, as it is fairly runny so you have to move quickly.

I filled each of the holes in the tin about halfway as I wanted them to keep their hole as they rose – sometimes I overfilled and lost the holes, which isn’t a big issue but ruins the look a little. They didn’t take long in the oven – around 10-12 minutes depending on how long it had been preheated for and as my tin just had 12 holes, I got quite a few batches out of the batter.

Once they were out, I removed them quickly from the tin ready to coat. Now, the recipe calls for them to be dipped in melted butter and then the cinnamon sugar… but I found this to be quite greasy and simply coating straight into the sugar caught a lot of it on the doughnut so I’m not sure how much the butter was needed, although perhaps this made them less like a churro. Also, they needed to be eaten pretty quickly as some of the sugar would sort of dissolve off the doughnut – this was even if they had cooled down before coating. Doughnuts never last long so this recipe wasn’t any different, but it does mean you can’t make these ahead or have them last for days (such a shame…)! I skipped the ganache topping as I felt I was already at my max for calories and I do love a simple cinnamon sugar. I will do this again and give the ganache a go.

The final doughnuts taste incredible and it is impossible to eat just one, which is good as if you use a mini tin, you get around 50 of them. I will admit to eating at least 12 an hour after they were baked. I didn’t even realise how many I had had at first til I counted what was left! My excuse was that I needed to taste them in different ways (with butter, without, bit less time or more etc) and also I skipped breakfast…

A lovely friend asked me to make desserts for her wedding dessert table at the end of August and I chose this recipe for one of the five items I made. I did a tasting for her before I really thought through the logistics. Which meant I had to wake at 6am on the day of the wedding to make 100 of these – with just one tin it took a while and I had to get showered, hair done etc in bursts of 10 minutes while each batch was in the oven! Everyone loved them so it was worth the stress and early start.

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