Doughnut Time – Westfield, Stratford

Doughnut Time – Westfield, Stratford

Every time there is a sign for doughnuts, I see it well before everyone else – I am somehow naturally drawn to them as if they are calling to me. During a windy trip to Westfield in Stratford, I spotted the Doughnut Time van and instantly led the friends and family I was with over to it to have a look. Immediately I had to start narrowing down what I wanted – no question of whether we would be buying or not.

In the end, I picked three as doughnuts don’t last well (this always makes me sad) and we had just had a huge lunch so essentially this was going to be dinner.

One of the great things about the doughnuts is their names – the Dumblesmore had marshmallows on top with a biscuit crumb, and Bellatwix Lestrange was an instant choice.

Sadly the Dumblesmore had custard, which I really dislike, so was out of the mix, but we found Robert de N’Oreo, which had a cheesecake filling so that was a winner. I decided to really assess the quality of the doughnut we also had to go classic, so went for an O.G. which is their original glazed.


Starting with the O.G. as this was the one I started eating in the car on the way home… it was delicious. The doughnut itself was soft and fluffy (and huge) and the glaze was great, sort of crunching with every bite and wasn’t too sickly. I managed to eat most of it without even really realising. Next, I shared the Bellatwix and Robert up with my husband and in-laws, and these doughnuts were scrumptious too.

While it looked like the Twix one could have possibly done with a bit more to live up to its name – maybe something more in the filling, it did have a generous coating around it and it wasn’t OTT. Robert on the other hand… the filling was great and I do love cheesecake but it was perhaps a step too far for my stomach even with the little slice of it I had after sharing the rest of it.

On the scoring… I will do my best but in my delight at finding the van I just paid up and didn’t even think about the prices. You can’t always put a price on a doughnut.  So I may add prices in on my next visit but for now they have been left out!

I have also added new scoring criteria for the name – this should be considered by all doughnuteers (doughnutiers? Doughnutters?) from now on.



Dough: A*

Ratio of filling to dough: NA

Filling (glaze in this case): A*

Appearance: A*

Name: A*


Bellatwix Lestrange

Dough: A*

Ratio of filling to dough: A

Filling: A-

Appearance: A*


Robert de N’Oreo

Dough: A*

Ratio of filling to dough: A- (bit too much given it was cheesecake)

Filling: A

Appearance: A*

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