The Melted Twist Kit from Doughnut Time – Doughnuts in Isolation #1

The Melted Twist Kit from Doughnut Time – Doughnuts in Isolation #1

Sarah: I’d never had doughnuts delivered before, but one of my sixth-form students mentioned Doughnut Time‘s doughnuts-at-home provision so I thought I’d investigate. There are only two of us in our flat so I didn’t want to get a huge box, though that may change now that I’ve realised how delicious and fresh they are. The two doughnut Melted Twist kit arrived 2 days after my online order, securely packaged and with no need for a signature (isolation times).

The kit comprised two doughnut twists, two little bars of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, a piping bag of chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkles. Instructions were clear: create a dairy milk bar-shaped hole in the doughnut, carefully push in the chocolate bar, microwave for 10-15 seconds (ours needed 20), pipe the glaze in zig-zags, scatter over the rainbow sprinkles. Really easy and a nice lockdown activity too.

This was possibly one of the best things I’ve eaten in lockdown – the dough was fluffy and light, I’m never going to argue with Dairy Milk chocolate through the centre, and the glaze was also very tasty. There were, however, pretty pricey – £15 for the kit including delivery. But as an activity for kids/adults plus a really top-notch quality doughnut, I don’t mind so much. And I’m saving on haircuts, pedicures, commuting, holidays…

The scores:

Dough: A*

Filling: A*

The ratio of filling to dough: A

Appearance: A

Value: A


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